Empowering Foreign Talent in USA
  • USA - the #1 destination for students around the world
    The United States is still the #1 destination for higher level studies and research. More than a million foreigners study in American colleges and universities and many want to gain practical experience during their stay in our country.
  • Our Mission

    Is to support foreign talent in the United States so they can experience our country in a positive and productive way. To achieve our goals, we work with students/graduates and colleges/universities.

  • Programs
    • Compliance Service Program (CSR) allows graduates to insure accurate reporting and compliance with visa regulations. International Student Offices can receive batch reports with up-to-date information, which can increase the accuracy of SEVIS input.


    • OPT-Incubator for foreign graduates with OPT and OPT-STEM, helping them with entrepreneurship and leadership learning;  accelerated learning about the US, its culture, and business practices that can lead to the start of a business.
  • Team

    We were founded by MIT and Harvard graduates with experience in international business and an understanding of multicultural environments. We have assembled an advisory board to support our team and engage partners that share our vision to make the US a desired place for foreigners to come, learn, and practice so they develop their careers or create start-up businesses.

  • Partners

    We partner with individuals and organizations that can provide relevant  legal, financial, accounting, tax, immigration, sales & marketing, and domain expertise to the start-ups participating in OPT4America Incubator Program.

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