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Many foreigners enrolled in a US college or university look forward to stay in-country after graduation to get training and practical work experience. Designated School Officials (DSOs) can now maximize their time advising students and focusing on proper issuance of I-20s, while reducing the follow-up work with students once they leave campus. To help International Student Offices (ISOs) improve the accuracy and validity of their reporting. SEND US A LINE Let's insure Foreign Talent has a rewarding and safe experience while in the United States
Not only do they need to secure a job or intern position, they also want to be safe in the notion they are complying with the United States' immigration and labor regulations. We've been supporting them across the country and now we want to do the same for the colleges and universities, given the increased government requirements for accurate reporting in SEVIS.
CAS will conduct random checks with graduates and/or landlords to confirm residence; with graduates and/or employers for validating "employed" status conditions; with graduates and/or others as may be required for other information required for visa compliance. CAS can also conduct follow-ups with specific graduates as needed by the ISO. Validation of information Reduced costs for ISOs Increased trust and safety Reduced misuse of visas
Compliance Service Program (CSP) We partner with colleges & universities to support ISOs
Compliance Audit Service (CAS): Compliance Reporting Service (CRS): CRS provides a monthly report to ISOs that includes the latest updates of information from graduates on OPT and OPT-STEM, as well as an index of confidence in the information provided by each individual. ISOs can use one or both. CSP has two components: Reporting Service (CRS) Audit Service (CAS) and A non-profit organization Copyright © 2016 OPT 4 America. All rights reserved.
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