You have probably applied for the Optional Practical Training (OPT) visa that will allow you to get training and practical work experience legally. As a foreign student who has graduated from an American University, you are able to obtain practical experience in the US. Personal Compliance Program (PCP) Not only does Foreign Talent need to to secure a job or intern position, but also be safe in the notion they are complying with the United States' immigration and labor regulations. We've been supporting Foreign Talent across the country obtain positive experiences and learning. We are now introducing a program to allow them to insure compliance throughout their stay in the United States and an easy to use system to easily produce the information they will need in the future when applying for new visas to the United States. OPT and other non-immigrant visas are wonderful opportunities but require strict compliance of their regulations. The responsibility for this resides primarily with the student/graduate. Personal Compliance Program (PCP) To help students/graduates meet visa regulations and maintain records. Automatic reminders All relevant information in one place History and documentation report for future visa applications Peace of mind for proper compliance
Students/graduates on CPT/OPT/OPT-STEM will be able to update information quickly and frequently. Will not miss reporting deadlines and will have all the relevant information about their stay and compliance of their visas. The ability to get a printout "on the click of a button"is invaluable when they are applying for other visas to come back to the US, as tourists, business or other. Regular updates or confirmation of existing information increases accuracy and validity of your file and demonstrate professionalism in meeting your responsibilities as a visa recipient.
It shows your employer your commitment to working in a responsible manner. If your college or university doesn't know about OPT4America's Compliance Service, please let them know. It would provide students/graduates with discounts and access to other support services, graduates can use. The reward comes at the end Not only have you complied with your responsibilities as a visa holder, you "hold the keys" to all your records. It will come handy in the future when you want to apply for other visas to the United States. At the "press of a button" you get a printout of all the records documenting your stay and proper use of your OPT-type visas.
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