After OPT At the end of the 3-month period, the OPT interns present their project to . mentor/coaches who also evaluate the individual's capabilities to continue working for the balance of the OPT period in our Incubator Phase or elsewhere. Incubator Phase After the mandatory 3-month training and being accepted to enter the Incubator Phase, the OPT intern will continue, for the balance of their OPT, to work advancing its start-up business, join other teams if available, or choose to work on a business by OPT4America. In all cases, they will be interns at OPT4America. Congratulations! You just graduated from a college or university in the United States.
BENEFITS OF OUR PROGRAM A new day begins. Best suited for graduates with MBA's or STEM majors. You can quickly start to use your OPT visa and not accumulate "unemployed" status days. TPP is a program designed to help graduates use their OPT time in the US to learn about innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership, while advancing in the launch of a start-up. Consider signing-up with OPT4America's Training & Practice Program (TPP)
The opportunity to practice and continue to learn and experience America can be very rewarding. It can provide you with the skills you need to differentiate yourself back home; be valuable to an American employer around the world; or simply for you to conduct effective business or trade with Americans.
You've worked with your college or university's International Student Office (ISO) and obtained your OPT visa.
Hopefully, you've secured a job or intern position that meets OPT requirements. During the first 3-months of the program, it is mandatory to participate in training related to entrepreneurship, American culture, and business practices by our mentors/coaches.
Our Training & Practice Program (TPP)
Starting a business takes time and a 12-month OPT period is most often insufficient. OPT4America works with its interns to establish the best pathway to insure the start-ups' success as a global enterprise. For STEM interns, Many of our participants have graduated with a STEM masters or higher degrees. Some have had a prior undergraduate STEM degree in the United States and are now in a non-STEM masters degree. In such cases, interns can be sponsored by OPT4America for an OPT-STEM extension. If obtained, they may remain working on their project for 2 more years. If the business needs require a longer period, OPT4America can sponsor the STEM intern for an H1B or advise them if sponsored by other entities. For longer periods, the same services as for MBA interns apply. For MBA interns, Most MBAs will not have access to an OPT-STEM extension. However, with proper planning and a global business in mind, they can continue to grow their business outside the US, while their US company continues to operate. OPT4America can provide the resources for the day-to-day operations of the US-based company as well as the immigration services to apply for future H1Bs, Business, L1 visas. If the business requirements are such that a permanent residence in the US is preferable, OPT4America's immigration lawyer partners can provide the application and guidance services. needed. A smooth and quick transition from student to OPT intern Learning about America's business practices Removes immigration compliance uncertainty Increase your chances of success in the launch of your start-up or of joining other start-up groups Planning of best options to continue the business growth in America. Many of the individuals who benefit from our program may have started work on their start-ups through a college or university entrepreneurial program. Others are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship and have advanced concepts for their potential business. Yet, as a foreigner, you realize that coming to study in America and earning a degree may no longer be sufficient for long-term success. You also need practical experience. Optional Practical Training (OPT)
But if not, what now? Continue to build your start-up business or join other start-up teams with OPT-STEM extension and potential access to H1B or other visa applications. Further your education on business skills related to America and dig deeper into an American field of interest related to your study Major. You will be focusing more on learning and practicing and less on guessing about immigration status compliance. Gain confidence and demonstrate your business ideas and skills gained with an opportunity to complete your OPT with our Incubator. It's your opportunity to make things happen
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